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The Guyana Defence Force has launched an inquiry into the circumstances that led to the death Private Julian Marks. According to a press statement the GDF would be working closely with ranks from the Criminal Investigation Departments.Julian Marks The body of 21102 Private Julian Marks,nfl jerseys authentic china, of Jaguar Company,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, 1 Infantry Battalion of the Guyana Defence Force was found on Tuesday by a GDF search team that included ranks from the Guyana Police Force.The body was discovered in the Cuyuni River approximately one mile from the mouth of the Ekereku River and some 11 miles from the Eteringbang location.Marks and another soldier,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, Private 21008 Clyde Bailey,Cheap NFL Jerseys, were discovered missing during a roll call last week Tuesday. Private Bailey who was last seen with Private Marks will be handed over to the CID to assist them in their investigations,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, the army said.A post mortem examination which was done revealed that Marks sustained blunt force trauma to the head. They were also lacerations to the right jaw. The cause of death was asphyxiation due to drowning.

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