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The Guyana Defence Force has resuscitated its honey production activities and initial harvesting has already amounted to two gallons.The bees are being reared at the Force’s Garden of Eden farm and are currently being housed in 12 apiaries which are kept in an area of the farm with abundant flowers facilitating shorter travel for the bees.So far the project is envisaged for consumption within the force itself but in the future,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, surplus would be put on the market,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Officer Commanding of Agriculture Corps,Cheap Jerseys Online, Captain James Fraser has said.The produce thus far has been bottled and contains no additives or preservatives. He noted that investment in the project was costly but maintenance requires limited supervision.The hives were purchased mid last year and since then are under the command of Lance Corporal Sheldon Lyle.Corporal Lyle remarked that the bee business only becomes risky at harvesting time. However he said he ensures that he wears protective gear at all times. The hives are smoked to calm the bees and then the honey is withdrawn.The GDF in a release said that the benefits of producing organic honey fits in with its policy of ensuring fit and physically capable officers and soldiers and ensuring programmed weight management.

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