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Despite the world economic crisis that could impact on the livelihoods of many around the world, Guyanese living in the United States of America continue to assist their countrymen and help keep the Christmas spirit alive.The Enterprise Road Safety Support Group in New York has forwarded some gifts and cash to some senior citizens in their community.The presentations were made yesterday by members of the local group headed by its president, Chandrapaul Persaud.The president of the Enterprise Road Safety group makes a donation to a senior citizen in the presence of other members.According to Persaud,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the donations were the brainchild of a past president of the group, Amar Persaud, who resides in New York.“Persaud was a former president of the group,NFL Jerseys China, and we feel very happy to represent him and all the boys who have assisted our group over the years,” Persaud told Kaieteur News.This is the first time that this activity has taken place. Donations will be made annually to the several senior citizens in the community.The Enterprise Road Safety Group was formed in 1969 by several hire car drivers,NFL Jerseys Cheap, along with private vehicle owners making up the initial core.According to one of the founder members, Sewdial, the group has outlived similar bodies, including the National Road Safety Association.“We are doing very well. We are doing better than the National Road Safety Council,NFL Jerseys China,” the elderly resident contended.Meanwhile, the group also made its customary donation to the Cheshire Home for Spastic Children, at Mahaica.The donation, which amounted to over $150,000,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, was made to supervisor/nurse in charge, Chandroutie Persaud, at the institution on Sunday. She expressed appreciation on behalf of the home.“We’re thankful for whatever the Enterprise Road Safety Organisation has given us for this Christmas,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, and we’re hopeful that other groups will do the same,” the nursing home supervisor told this newspaper.She explained that running the home requires a lot of resources, and initiatives taken by the group are welcome.Meanwhile, the group president appealed to members of the public to remember that they have a duty to ensure that the roadways are safe, especially during the festive season.

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