Jean-Sebastien Giguere once a person is given a lease

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A high-level tripartite team will be set up to deal with the issues of land conflicts among miners, loggers and farmers within the hinterland.This was announced by Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, during a visit to Mahdia on Thursday.On Wednesday and Thursday,Cheap NFL jerseys China, the minister extended the ‘Grow More’ food campaign in Region Eight, visiting Monkey Mountain, Paramakatoi, Kurukabaru and Mahdia.The minister’s announcement was made after several residents complained about land issues, resulting in clashes between miners,Cheap NFL Jerseys, loggers and farmers. Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016, meeting with students of the Mahdia Secondary School on Thursday during a visit to the community Residents also complained about the slow processing for land leases in the area.Addressing the gathering at the Mahdia Primary School, Minister Persaud said that the team will comprise of the Commissioners of Forestry, Lands and Surveys and Geology and Mines.He said that the officials will examine issues relating to land, in terms of areas of conflict, scrutinize and look at ways to reconcile issues; and in so doing, address the slow processing of leases.Persaud added that the trio will also address the issue of people receiving leases but not using the land.Land issues in Region Eight will be the first to be addressed by the team, the minister said, noting that the panel will also tackle communities where there is potential for differences and assist to prevent and reduce those conflicts.At present, he added, new leases are being formulated in a way wherein a development component is being added.According to the minister, once a person is given a lease, that person will have to develop the land within a certain timeframe or else it will be repossessed.Addressing concerns of pollution from mining activities in the area, Persaud said that officials from the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) will be visiting the area to conduct soil tests.He said that there is much unease about the level of pollution in areas that can be used for agricultural purposes in the future.The minister pointed out that there is no competition between agriculture and mining, and neither is intended to replace the other.“What we are seeking to do is achieve a level of harmony or co-existence, but that must be done within some regularity framework.”Persaud added that the mineral market fluctuates and,Cheap Jerseys From China, as such, entrepreneurs in the area should be more flexible.“There are certain times where you would want to put the emphasis on agriculture because of what the trend is and what the potential is,NFL Jerseys China, and another time they would want to do mining. But do not do away with agriculture,” Persaud told residents.He encouraged miners to do some amount of farming to take care of their basic food needs, so that when the mining sector is not doing well, it is easy for them to move over to agriculture and expand.“It is about your survival and maintaining your livelihood,” he said.Currently, Persaud added, the ministry is looking at the errors and missteps that were made in agriculture in the hinterland in the past.“What we are emphasising in hinterland communities is food security and reducing your dependence on food coming from Georgetown or from another country,” the minister said.Meanwhile,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a teacher from the primary school in the area made representation for agricultural tools to be given to the school, in order to establish a school farm.According to the teacher, she is attempting to teach the practical aspect of agriculture to those students who are not very interested in the theoretical aspect of the subject.As such, the Mahdia Primary School was added to the ministry’s list of schools that need agricultural tools.The need for an Agricultural Extension Officer in the area was also highlighted.Planting materials and a farmer’s manual were distributed to residents in the area.In observance of Amerindian Heritage Month, the Agriculture Ministry has planned a series of outreach activities to meet with

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