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Delon ‘Fatboy’ Reynolds, who is accused of murdering self-confessed death squad informant George Bacchus, yesterday pleaded guilty to a lesser count of manslaughter, and his sentencing was fixed for today.This sudden twist came yesterday afternoon, even after a prosecution witness had testified in the morning.Lance Corporal Hosannah, a crime scene expert, testified yesterday to finding a bullet and two fragments on the bed where George Bacchus’s body was found. He was cross-examined by defence counsel Peter Hugh.However, yesterday afternoon when court reconvened, the guilty plea to manslaughter was entered. On Tuesday, Reynolds’s caution statement was read to the jury and tendered into evidence.Retired Detective Charles Alleyne, who witnessed the caution statement, took the stand and read the contents of the statement, in which Reynolds said that he climbed through a window to Bacchus’s room and shot him three times.In the statement,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Reynolds said that funeral parlour co-owner Debra Douglas offered him $200,000 to kill Bacchus,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, and he accepted. Douglas was the reputed wife of the man accused of murdering the deceased’s brother,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Shafeek Bacchus, who was killed a few months before George Bacchus.The caution statement also said that Reynolds was given a gun on June 23 and that he hid it at a Chinese restaurant in Garnett Street. The statement continued that Reynolds retrieved the weapon the following night to do the shooting.Reynolds also called Bacchus names such as ‘Jumbie’ and others. He was Bacchus’s handyman and lived in a shack in the yard.Detective Inspector Trevor Reid was the officer who took the caution statement, but he is now deceased.Last week Monday, the second voir dire (trial within a trial) in this matter concluded. Several police and civilian prosecution witnesses have taken the stand since then.Earlier this month, the trial into this matter was aborted because one of the jurors was related to a witness.Bacchus was found dead in bed at his Lot 76 Princes Street home on June 24,Charles Aranguiz Jersey, 2004, after he had made bombshell revelations about a death squad operating in the city,NFL Jerseys Supply, for which he said he once gathered information.Funeral parlour co-owner Debra Douglas and her nephew, Fabian ‘Fabie’ Jessop, had been jointly charged with Reynolds for Bacchus’s murder, but they were subsequently freed due to insufficient evidence. Representing the state are Dianna Boyan,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, Judy Latchman and Zamilla Ally.

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